BI4Web is a web-based software that allows the integration of different data sources, the analysis and publication of the results in dashboards or analytical documents.


Presented through three products: BI4Web Viewer, BI4Web NQ (Natural Query) and BI4Web Studio. The suite aims to provide analytical documents in real time, so that the staff of you company has strategec information required for making quick and effective decisions.


BI4Web Viewer allows the final user to request the analysis documents previously defined with BI4Web Studio.


BI4Web NQ allows the end user to obtain the necessary analysis documents through Natural Language without the need for special developments. Exclusively writing a question.


BI4Web Studio allows  the developer to define analysis documents or dashboards.



  • BI4Web is a analytics and reporting tool based on Web architecture.
  • 3A Availability: AnyWhere, AnyTime, AnyDevice.
  • Rapid implementation: Get information from the beginning.
  • Designed to meet the information needs of any sector and company type.
  • Focused on any segment of the value chain.
  • Flexible and intuitive interface. Access to information without any IT knowledge.
  • Allows decision making based on real data and real-time.
  • Not subject to license per user.
  • It brings together in a single product all existing functionalities.
  • Allows the extraction of information in a most common format (Excel, pdf, csv ...).
  • Access to information regardless of the Data source.
  • BI4Web is a tool that more than covers security standards.

Design and Manage Your BI system with BI4Web Studio.

BI4Web Studio: Simple development environment that allows the IT department to solve quickly and effectively to the needs of information of your company . Through a graphical interface and parameterization within an environment, the person responsible for maintaining the BI system may:

  • Manage users, roles, connections, attributes,....
  • Consolidate into one report different data sources to exploit where information is.
  • Design and modify dashboards and analytical documents easily and in very short time.

BI4Web Studio gives the IT staff the tools, and autonomy to adapt its BI solution to the changing needs of the company and market capacity.


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